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August 2015

Movies With: Comedian Nik Oldershaw

nik 2

When I first met Nik Oldershaw, I didn’t think he knew who I was, we hadn’t shared a bill together, and I didn’t recall bombing in front of him at Sidebar. So, when I saw him at Ottobar, last Saturday, I was surprised when he greeted me by name and with an earnest handshake. What I did remember is Nik’s enthusiasm when it came to discussing the latest and greatest in cinema. His impassioned and emphatic retelling of films have the power to captivate the room and often satisfy more than the original story.

Do you go to the movies a lot? 

I go to the movies as often as I can, but mostly I end up checking out stuff at home.

Do you watch bootlegs? 

I personally don’t download bootlegs because my computer is already so cluttered with junk, but my friend Keith torrents a lot of shit. We just downloaded this banned Japanese film, Midori, the other day. It was insane.

Why did the Fantastic Four movie flop . . . Again?

I’ll bet it has something to do with Josh Trank being the director. I’ve heard that gut can be a huge dickhead . . . Which isn’t surprising cause I feel like only a dickhead could make a Chronicle (Two dickheads if we’re counting Max Landis).

What’s the best film you’ve seen this year?

It’s gotta be Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s as much a visceral treat as it is an incredible achievement in film making.

The Worst? 

The Cobbler. That movie is a series of hard left turns, each one making less sense than the last. One of the most frustrating films I’ve sat through in a while.

Is it bad that Sandler has never made a movie I didn’t laugh at, at least a couple of times?

Dude, even in the worst Adam Sandler movie there will be like two or three gags that get me going. He’s got a really great brand of absurdist humor. Like Jack and Jill, that’s a terrible movie, I guess, but all the Al Pacino stuff makes me laugh so hard because it’s insane that it’s even in the movie at all.

What’s a movie you like that people may be surprised to hear? 

What Dreams May Come. I’m not religious, and I can’t stand Robin Williams, but that movie always brings me to tears. I mean it’s a weeping into my hands, 7:30 p.m., on a Saturday kind of movie. It just gets me.

You got 200 million dollars to make a movie. What’s your pitch?

Oh God, I don’t want to make a movie. I don’t have any particularly original ideas. I watch movies like Whiplash or The Guest and realize how boring all my ideas are.

Which is your favorite Batman actor and movie?

I’m gonna cheat and say Kevin Conroy from The Animated Series is my favorite. I think he captures the tone of the character, so well. I never bought Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Christian Bale was alright, but I feel like his Batman is actually the least interesting part of the Nolan trilogy. I do think that Affleck will probably knock it out of the park, though. Best theatrical movie is Mask of The Phantasm. Animated Batman, guys, I’m telling you!

You discuss films in your stand up. Did you know Jackie Gleason would do sets where he would reenact full movies on stage, often times, in the way he felt the film should’ve went? Will we be seeing you reenact an entire film on stage, soon? 

Ha-Ha, as much as I would like to, probably not. I could probably do the Lady From Shanghai, word for word, but nobody want’s to see a nervous young man doing all the Rita Hayworth parts.

Nik can be seen at The Rock Em Sock Em Open Mic Night, 8:30pm tomorrow, at Venice Tavern 339 s.Conkling St. Highlandtown, Baltimore. He can also be seen featuring in Comedy on the Half Shell at Main Street Oyster House, 119 s. Main St. Bel Air, MD. Wednesday, August 19th, 9p.m.



Interview with comedian and podcaster Talia Hammen

talia hammen

When asking for something, it’s believed the worst a person can say is no.That’s not altogether true: the worst someone can say is yes and not follow through. In the world of free entertainment it’s not uncommon for a booked act to bow out hours before curtains. Perhaps they got a paying gig; it’s possible there was a family emergency, or maybe . . . Netflix.

The answer is usually Netflix.  Its par for the course in the scene and when it happens – and it happens, a lot—you just gotta be ready to call an audible and keep on rolling. I hemorrhaged a couple of comics between making the flyer and several minutes ago, but low and behold a pint sized power house answered my Hail Mary, and this game we call show business can scrimmage to make another play.

Talia Hammen is a comic, gardener, podcaster, chef, and one of the M.I.L.Fiest M.I.L.F’s  since Stacy’s Mom. She has an exotic look which means Mexicans yell out of cars at her in Spanish and most people assume she knows how to do black hair. Like me she’s seen all the Star Wars movies and like me she simply doesn’t get them.

1. Who/what makes you laugh?

Poop jokes and people who tell poop jokes.
2. Why Comedy?
It’s what I always rather be doing.
3. Would you rather be funny or Smart?
Funny: I’ve never been smart, but I’m quick, and not afraid of being wrong or corrected.
4. Which Thunder Cat are you?
I’ve never watched the Thunder Cats.
5. What’s a good place to eat when you don’t have a lot of money but you don’t want to eat garbage?
My house. I’ve always been poor but I know how to cook and improvise.
6. What’s a style choice that your friends really love right now but you hate?
I don’t usually hang out with people who think style matters, if I did I would feel bad for them for having to be seen places with me. My latest “style” decision involved buying $7 faded glory “denim” I put it in quotes because they put it in quotes. Pretty sure I’m wearing leggings with pockets..
7. How long have you been as tall as you are?
I’ve been 5’0″ since I was in 6th grade.
Never watched em.
9. You wear glasses, unironically; what’s that all about?
I’ve worn glasses since the 3rd grade. I wore contacts on occasion, until a couple years ago. I accidentally used the wrong contact solution and got some pretty bad chemical burns; so, now I can’t wear contacts.
10. Where will you be performing next?
Camden Pub, I believe. lol!!
Tonight Camden Pub Comedy Show features quality comedians from the DMV area. There will be drink specials provided during the run of the show. Camden Pub Comedy Night is this Thursday and is located at 647 w. Pratt St. doors open at 8:00 show starts at 8:30. this is a free event but please feel free to RSVP at

Free Comedy Show Thursday

camden pub meme

Featuring Kiragu Beauttah Sam Kelly Ronald James, Walker Hays, Alexander Scally, Chris Colletti, Talia Hammen, Morgan Thomas

Hosted by: Mike Smith

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