talia hammen

When asking for something, it’s believed the worst a person can say is no.That’s not altogether true: the worst someone can say is yes and not follow through. In the world of free entertainment it’s not uncommon for a booked act to bow out hours before curtains. Perhaps they got a paying gig; it’s possible there was a family emergency, or maybe . . . Netflix.

The answer is usually Netflix.  Its par for the course in the scene and when it happens – and it happens, a lot—you just gotta be ready to call an audible and keep on rolling. I hemorrhaged a couple of comics between making the flyer and several minutes ago, but low and behold a pint sized power house answered my Hail Mary, and this game we call show business can scrimmage to make another play.

Talia Hammen is a comic, gardener, podcaster, chef, and one of the M.I.L.Fiest M.I.L.F’s  since Stacy’s Mom. She has an exotic look which means Mexicans yell out of cars at her in Spanish and most people assume she knows how to do black hair. Like me she’s seen all the Star Wars movies and like me she simply doesn’t get them.

1. Who/what makes you laugh?

Poop jokes and people who tell poop jokes.
2. Why Comedy?
It’s what I always rather be doing.
3. Would you rather be funny or Smart?
Funny: I’ve never been smart, but I’m quick, and not afraid of being wrong or corrected.
4. Which Thunder Cat are you?
I’ve never watched the Thunder Cats.
5. What’s a good place to eat when you don’t have a lot of money but you don’t want to eat garbage?
My house. I’ve always been poor but I know how to cook and improvise.
6. What’s a style choice that your friends really love right now but you hate?
I don’t usually hang out with people who think style matters, if I did I would feel bad for them for having to be seen places with me. My latest “style” decision involved buying $7 faded glory “denim” I put it in quotes because they put it in quotes. Pretty sure I’m wearing leggings with pockets..
7. How long have you been as tall as you are?
I’ve been 5’0″ since I was in 6th grade.
Never watched em.
9. You wear glasses, unironically; what’s that all about?
I’ve worn glasses since the 3rd grade. I wore contacts on occasion, until a couple years ago. I accidentally used the wrong contact solution and got some pretty bad chemical burns; so, now I can’t wear contacts.
10. Where will you be performing next?
Camden Pub, I believe. lol!!
Tonight Camden Pub Comedy Show features quality comedians from the DMV area. There will be drink specials provided during the run of the show. Camden Pub Comedy Night is this Thursday and is located at 647 w. Pratt St. doors open at 8:00 show starts at 8:30. this is a free event but please feel free to RSVP at michaeladrion@gmail.com