Where do jokes come from? Jokes can, and often, come from everywhere. Waiting in line at the bank. Waiting in line at the MVA. Waiting in line for sex. For comedian, Wesley Brooks, jokes seem to  float capriciously from his lips. His jokes are as astute as they are hilarious and are delivered with such bravado that you’d think he’s making them up on the spot–sometimes, he is. Wesley’s style is that of a jovial friend adroit at putting a hilarious spin on the days otherwise mundane trifles. He’s a young, super talented, hungry comic with some of the tightest jokes on the scene. His Facebook statuses are dope, too. I caught up with Young Wes to find out about his comedy motivations, goals, affiliation and what St. Patrick’s Day means to him.

I remember bitches aint want me.

My biggest comedy influence would have to be Kevin Hart. After watching Seriously Funny 1000 times I finally gathered da guts.


My father said don’t quit shit, give em hell.

I have set a variety of goals for my career and it does not include fame and fortune. I just want to reach my peak in this business, as in, I wanna be the best comedian Wesley Brooks can possibly be.

Niggas get a new outfit and rock it that day.

I get a new outfit and don’t rock that bitch for three months.

I thought St. Patrick’s day was just a reason to get drunk out of green cups.

Chase ya dreams, it feels so good. 

After I watched seriously funny, I took to the Internet and met, Henry Jones, one of my best friends and comedian. He let me know I had what it took just from a few minutes of conversation.

 I love performing live it’s nothing like it. Being under those lights in front of those people at that moment in time. I get a rush from the lifestyle.

The YoFunnyTeam consists of a few buddies of mine who I always pitched jokes to and their response would always be “YoFunny!” Once I started stand up, they made it their right to be at every show. People noticed and started calling them the #YoFunnyTeam.

wesley yo funny

It’s crazy cause people seeing you doing good and grinding- change their whole perception of you.

wesley with the ladies

Wesley Brooks can be seen performing this Thursday at Comedy Night at Camden Pub. 647 W. Pratt St. 8:30p. You can follow Wesley on instagram @whenafunnyniggawantyou.