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Comedian Maria Sanchez dancing with herself in custom jorts.

“Wearing jean shorts in the year 2017.

That’s a citation.”

-Fandango of WWE tag team The Fashion Police

Comedian Maria Sanchez is a compelling hilarious story teller whose character is big, bawdy, explicit and compassionate. Her persona juxtaposes pure raunchiness with precious benevolence. In one story Ms. Sanchez will claim she’s smoked so much weed that all her lips are black while noting that giving out ice cream pops to the neighborhood youths is what rightly qualifies her as a community activist. Sanchez is a big personality, however she’s relatable and familiar without being banal or fugazy. When she performs I’m reminded of the comedic dexterity of Whoopi Goldberg’s Tony winning Broadway ’85 special. There are generally two kinds of comedians: those who say funny things and those who say things funny. The difference is resonance and since Maria Sanchez skews on the latter side, her comedy is something that keeps you laughing and thinking. Plus she slays in jorts.

When did you first truly feel the magic of jorts? What’s jorts?

Jorts are jeans that you cut into shorts. Jorts is a portmanteau of the words jeans and shorts.  Lol . . . Pahawwww!! In 1993 when Wu Tang was hot. Niggas had mad blunts n forties.

How does wearing jorts give you more life than wearing regular shorts? 
In jean shorts I feel like Pecos Bill, but regular shorts make me feel like the regular pothead I am, especially cargo khakis.
Who would you say gave you the power to just say yes to jorts?
I remember like it was yesterday. I saw TLC video and I told my mom I need these purple baggy jeans for sophomore day at school. She came back with some BOSS jeans! I cried because they weren’t Cross Colors. I went to school and bam, magical; I was TLC: T-Boz!
Have you ever seen someone in jorts looking #gross? What was that like for you? 
Yesss, Ron Jeremy, I remember like it was this morning on Porn Hub. His cheeks were smashed like English muffins. It made me not eat after a “Manny”– Aka woman’s hand job. English muffins are cheeky.
What drug pairs best with jorts?
No drug pairs well but crack to fit in the lil side pocket. Any other drug you can’t find quick enough to dodge the coppers, Jack!
Maria Sanchez can be seen at The 2nd Saturday Shit Show  Ottobar 2549 N Howard St, Baltimore, MD 21218 on April 8th. Free. show at 7:30.