Love is a Blue Tick Hound 2018 Rapid Lemon Productions Women’s Voices Festival

“Stuck” -Bob 

photo courtesy of Max Gardner

“Mike Smith had the audience in hysterics as Bob, a nervous man eager to impress the energetic Maggie (Lee Conderacci).”  -June Keating MD Theater Guide

Stupid Ghosts Annex Theater 

John Pierre

Photo Courtesy of Carly J. Bales

“Mike Smith is absolutely delightful as the block-headed John Pierre, the man’s comic timing is simply not to be matched (Smith is fabulous because he’s the opposite of a ham, he cedes a scene when needed and does not snatch from other actors, even when he easily could).”  – The Bad Oracle

Harry and the Thief  Strand Theater Company


Photo courtesy of Kate Erin Gibson

“Mike Smith brings a vivid range of voice and gesture to the role of Jeremy, nearly walking off with the show.” -Tim Smith Baltimore Sun