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Crotch Fulla Jorts #13 (Reaching levels no elevator ever will)

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Cats may have 9 lives but jorts are forever.


“Well, these jeans are shot;

let’s give em another pass!”

-Brandon T. Gorin

I do stand up comedy. I host open mics and trivia shows. I’m a theater actor and I just featured in an online commercial for Blunt Power Air Freshener. Some people call me a renaissance man while most people think I post too many fliers on Facebook. When you do this much performance work people always want to know why you do it and what your end goal is. Up until a few weeks ago, my only reason for doing all this work was because without it, I’d be home everyday, after work, in bed by 4:30p.m. That was until I discovered the Viceland show, Flophouse. It’s stand up comedy in some of the most gruesome, filthy, dilapidated houses, on the west coast. A lot of the houses are huge estates which domicile up and coming comedians, many of whom perform on the docu-series. I love the crust punk aesthetic in combination with the intimacy and warmth of a captive audience in graffitied dining rooms and former chapels, facing a stage which might be dressed with a urine stained mattress, emblazoned with a giant spurting penis. One of the featured comic was a homeless alcoholic for two years, telling jokes on the street and drawing portraits, before he saved enough cash to move into a tiny $200 a month closet, in a bay area mansion occupied by as least fifteen other stand-ups and musicians. I don’t want to get gout while I’m chasing my dreams, but I’d risk it to be on the next season of Flophouse.

Eric Dadourian is a Baltimore comedian by way of L.A. who has the distinction of being the only comedian featured on two episodes of Flophouse. Eric is affable with a conversational style of wit that is both engaging and guileless. Five months ago, he told a one liner about getting kicked out of a library because his sweater was too loud that I think about and laugh at every ten days. When I first met Eric he was wearing faded cut off jorts, a vintage Lakers Starter jacket, and a pair of oversized glasses with one arm missing. I figured he would be either very funny or the star of his own Viceland show. Either way I was pretty spot on. Shout out to me!

What makes jorts more special than non denim shorts? 

First of all, jorts are more special than non denim shorts because jorts seem more improvised, more radical yet classic, and the little fringe that is created by the denim makes it seem so spontaneous. Non denim shorts do not have spontaneity.

How do we make a world where we can casually wear jorts to formal events?

A world where we can casually wear jorts to formal events is based on trust and acceptance. Those who do not wear jorts to formal events must trust those who do and know that wearing jorts to your formal event is the ultimate tribute.

Who is your jort Champion of Courage? 

One person I look up to, in jorts, is my cousin, Glen. He is a very snappy dresser and he will throw on his jorts and stride into our family gatherings like beam of sun, and he just lights the place up with his great outfits that always showcase the most very cool jorts.

When was a time where wearing jorts made you feel special?

I remember there was this one time when I hit the road, as a youth, on Greyhound bus, going on cross country road trip. I was wearing nothing but a crop top and low riding jorts (no underwear), and I just felt like a snack and a powerful prince at the same time.

What accessory pairs best with jorts? 

A crop top. Crop top and jorts are the burger and fries of fashion.

Eric has a wonderful podcast up on spotify and itunes called Groomzillas, its about weddings. 




Radio Play: Jem & The Misfits

jem misfits

I produced a radio play based on a piece of one off fan fiction I wrote for a contest last year. Just in time for the release of the Jem movie,this play was produces for fans who were left dissatisfied by the absence of the Misfits, and the overall wackness of the film that took ten years to produce.Conversely,this radio play is awesome and it only took a few days to execute. Special thanks to Nace Hix @nacehixmusic for the Jem theme song remix.There is some adult language and mature subject matter.Hit the link below for the play and hit the links below the artist profiles for interviews and easter eggs! Please enjoy:

britta phillips (singing voice Jem)
Britta Phillips: Singing voice of Jem
lee fierce
Lee Conderacci: Talented DMV actress. Plays Jem in the Jem and the Misfits Radio Play, along with several other voices. She’s a real powerhouse.
ellen bernfeld singing voice of pizzazz
Ellen Bernfeld: singing voice Pizzazz
Mike Smith: Voice of Synergy, and Pizzazz, in the Jem and the Misfits Radio Play.

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