jem misfits

I produced a radio play based on a piece of one off fan fiction I wrote for a contest last year. Just in time for the release of the Jem movie,this play was produces for fans who were left dissatisfied by the absence of the Misfits, and the overall wackness of the film that took ten years to produce.Conversely,this radio play is awesome and it only took a few days to execute. Special thanks to Nace Hix @nacehixmusic for the Jem theme song remix.There is some adult language and mature subject matter.Hit the link below for the play and hit the links below the artist profiles for interviews and easter eggs! Please enjoy:

britta phillips (singing voice Jem)
Britta Phillips: Singing voice of Jem
lee fierce
Lee Conderacci: Talented DMV actress. Plays Jem in the Jem and the Misfits Radio Play, along with several other voices. She’s a real powerhouse.
ellen bernfeld singing voice of pizzazz
Ellen Bernfeld: singing voice Pizzazz
Mike Smith: Voice of Synergy, and Pizzazz, in the Jem and the Misfits Radio Play.